Projects completed in 2013

Berwickshire Community Safety Panel

Year Completed: 

WOOFs Campaign

The Grant provided by Blackhill Wind Farm has enabled us to purchase 400,000 bags for the WOOF’s campaign which will provide this service for up to a further 10 months.

I have also provided a brief description on how WOOF’s is impacting the local communities who have signatories.

The WOOF’s campaign is proving hugely successful and the impact into the communities is amazing.  There are presently 14 Community Council areas within the Berwickshire area who have signed their dogs up to this campaign.  This enables us to keep a track on the communities with dogs and try and ensure we keep the areas where the public have access to clean and free from fouling.

With the funding we have received from Blackhill Wind Farm we have ensured that the campaign has supplies for at least another 6 months.  This ensures that over 700 signatories with over 1000 dogs are making more of an effort to clean their pathways, parks etc and the message has been passed onto other dog owners as they enquire about the bags provided (which are very distinctive in colour).

Your generosity to the WOOF’s campaign has been amazing and given us a chance to order the bags needed to continue.  With this ability to continue we can keep the streets, paths, parks etc cleaner and the areas healthier for everyone to use.

Thank you for your support and generosity.


Kym Bannerman

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