Successful Projects


Year Completed: 

Funds Received - £3,200.00

BWCF funding was for the great tapestry project to allow women to come together with the main seamstress. Our section of the tapestry represents Berwickshire with an image of a fisher lasses and a woman who works in the textile factory.

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown Re-tweed have been busy and provided much needed support to the wider community. Set up 2 food banks and made NHS scrubs for 8 hospitals. Set up online learning and provided online tutoring for those who could not make events. Made masks for shop keepers, volunteers and those shielding which was distributed through the local chemists. Thanks to Ramones for their help. Run 14 workshops for women who are graduates of Re-Tweed and now opened this to others. 1 place has been funded at the kilt academy.

Started first face to face volunteer day today, (12/08/2020) with reduced numbers. Our group has grown and grown, new projects emerging and replicating in other parts in Scotland. Grants, such as the Wellbeing and Business Relieve grant has allowed us to keep going and provide help such as the food banks etc. Strategic planning meeting next month to discuss how we move forward.

BWCF funding has led to us receiving funding elsewhere which totalled £110k income. New service manager has been taken on to share the workload.

Verbal report received at the AGM in August 2020

Duns Primary School

Year Completed: 

Duns Primary School

Funds Received - £2,768.00

BWCF originally granted Duns Primary School £2,768.00 to help fund a residential trip for P7s however, due to Covid-19 this trip was cancelled.  A request was made to change the use of these funds which was duly granted and all funds were used to purchase rain gear. 

Every class (Nursery to P7) has benefitted from waterproofs this year.  Even more so due to the fact that PE had to be outside due to restrictions.  Moving forward, there will be a need to replace and replenish due to our growing school roll.  We are also committed to using more of the Duns community environment and the waterproofs not only allow us to acces in all weathers, there is now equity of provision so that families do not feel financial pressure when trying to kit out their children.  We are hugely grateful for the funding and the positive impact of the waterproofs has been staggering in terms of opening up opportunities. 

Here are some photos of our P1's enjoying the local woods in their waterproofs.

Martin Wilson

Duns Primary School


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Duns Junior FC

Year Completed: 

Funds Received - £3,500.00

Duns Junior FC applied for funding from the Blackhill Windfarm Community Fund for a ride on lawnmower in May 2020.  They were awarded £3,500.00.  The need for the ride on lawnmower arose due to changes in council schedule to cutting the grass every 21 days, which meant the grass was too high for the kids to play on.  Councils seem to be maintaining public grass ares less and less which is having a knock on effect to local clubs/sports groups.  The lawnmower is currently being used approximately once a week and when needed.

Thank you Blackhill Windfarm Community Fund for your support.

Verbal report received at AGM August 2021.

Currently Supported Applications

Year Completed: 
  • BF0206 - Allotments 4 Chirnside - £990.00 - Awarded 03/12/2020
  • BF0200 - Duns Junior FC - £3,500 awarded 22/07/2020
  • BF0197 - ASTENE - £1,000 awarded 28/02/2020
  • BF0196 - The Learning Space - £2,240 awarded 15/03/2020
  • BF0194 - Berwickshire Netball CLub - £3,000 awarded 28/02/2020
  • BF0193 - Thinking Without Borders - £1,500 awarded 28/02/2020
  • BF0192 - Duns Primary School - £2768 awarded 15/03/2020
  • BF0186 - Eat, Sleep, Ride - £4,090 awarded 12/12/2019
  • BF0185 - Duns Golf Club - £2,000 awarded 20/12/2019
  • BF0184 - Duns ASC - £670.00 awarded 17/12/2019
  • BF0183 - Duns Players - £4,0800 awarded 12/12/2019
  • BF0182 MPulsive - £1,000 awarded 11/12/2019

2nd Duns Brownies

Year Completed: 

Funds received - £308.28

In March 2019 2nd Duns Brownies received £308.28 towards outstanding programme resources.  Girl Guiding overhauled its programme for all its sections.  We previously had to buy resources one at a time but the grant allowed us to buy a complete set of resources to then allow the girls to pick what they would like to work on.  First choice was Skills For My Future, an activity the leaders had not initially selected.  This led into DIY skills which had them making their own notice boards, also sewing which is being developed into a unit quilt. Leadership and negotiation skills covered, which the girls have also shared with the leaders and superheroes with super powers to support the community.

Started with 8 young girls but due to being able to make the sessions more interesting we now have close to 20 girls.  Girl Guiding recommend 16 to 24 per group. Funding also went towards a sleep over day.  This was a session for 12 hours re-enacting a holiday scenario/sleep over.  With activities based on being an engineer, encouraging team work and health & safety.  Also went out and about researching environmental issues.

Verbal report received at our AGM in August 2019