Successful Projects

Swinton Village Festival

Year Completed: 

Swinton Village Festival 2019

Funds Received - £500.00

Our second "revival" Gala Day took place on Saturday 1st June 2019.  It turned out to be another well-attended event with resonably good weather and once again the King and Queen of the Merse were led by the Duns Pipe Band onto the Green.

Attached is a photo of one of the new stalls in 2019 set up by the Swinton Curling Club which gave the public a "taste" (plus free burgers for the first come first served) of what it might be like to try curling.

Thank you Blackhill Windfarm Community Fund for again supporting our Gala Day and hopefully we can stage another one in 2021.


James Collin



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Fogo Nursery

Year Completed: 


Funds received - £1,200.00

We are pleased to say that we were able to complete our projcect of upgrading our kitchen and toilet facilities.

With the kind grant we were able to buy our Fridge/Freezer and Cooker.  This has made such a difference to the children and staff that used it prior to lockdown.

Thankfully, we are now open again and supplying all children with a hot meal at lunchtime and we can get Tesco deliveries as we have the fridge/freezer to store it all in.

Please see attached photos of the equipment in place.

Everyone at Fogo is grateful to you all for the kind grant that was awarded to us for these items, which we would not have able to buy had you not.

Kind regards

Nikki Anderson

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Berwickshire Youth Piping and Drumming Foundation

Year Completed: 

Berwickshire Youth Piping and Drumming Foundation

Funds Received - £2,200

Berwickshire Youth Piping and Drumming Foundation was set up with the mission to establish bagpipe and drumming tuition in five of the Berwickshire primary schools - Chirnside, Duns, Coldstream, Greenlaw and Swinton.  Our ambition, as set out in our application, was to attract between 40-60 pupils.  We have far exceeded this target with, pre Covid, around 90 pupils receiving lessons.  As well as introducing pupils to the discipline of learning a musical instrument, the tuition has been successful in establishing music as a cool thing to do and built pupils sense of achievement and self worth.  We believe that we are well on our way to achieving our initial objectives, which are:

  • To advance the musical eduaciton of the young people of Berwickshire.
  • To promote our national heritage and culture.
  • To increase public exposure to music and the performing art.
  • To build links between young people and the wider community.

The estabilishment of a school pipe band is one year closer.

The first step in estabilishing the tuition programme was to recuit a tutor and we were very fortunate to engage Andrew Warren (who also tutors at James Gillespies in Edinburgh) to deliver lessons.  His enthusiasm and hard work has played a large part in the success of the programme.  Lessons commenced in October, by February we were looking to intriduce another tutor to ensure that pupils could be taught in smaller groups and this would still be the plan once live lessons recommence.

The shutdown of schools in March did not mean an end to the teaching programme.  Lessons and tutorials were posted on line for children to complete and we hope this will have been sufficient to sustain interest and maintain numbers once we are able to start teaching in schools again.  Precisely when lessons can resume remains uncertain, however, as although schools have reopened, instrumental tuition has not restarted.  If this situation was to continue, we may have to pause the programme until the new year.

The much better than anticipated numbers meant that we had to purchase more practice chanters than anticipated.  We also took the decision to delay the introduciton of drummng tuition, primarly to lessen the demands on the schools timetable.  We were successful in gaining significant funding from Fallago Rig Community Fund and the Scottish Schools Pipes and Drums Trust and this, combined with the generous support from BWCF (for which we are very grateful) has meant that we were able to support the more intensive teaching programme and be in a solid financial position for the coming year.

Photos to follow.

Andrew Watson


Abundant Borders

Year Completed: 

Abundant Borders

Funds Received - £510.00

The grant we received was to support a basic cookery course which we held at the Duns Rugby club in August/September 2019. It was a six-week course and five of the participants received an Elementary Cooking Skills certificate from REHIS. Two of the participants also went onto to volunteer at the Coldstream social lunch which was held every Wednesday from mid-October until lockdown in March.


Year Completed: 

Funds Received - £3,500.00

Re-Tweed received £3,500 in June 2018 towards the cost for a Volunteer Support Worker.  Funding was matched with impact funding.  Since receiving the funding 18 volunteers were involved, most of whom are graduates from Re-Tweeds Level 1 training course.  3 out 18 where not former students.  Volunteers come from a wide range of women from different backgrounds, some with complex health issues or others wanting to return to work.


In 3 years Re-Tweed have gone from having 1 member of staff to having 8 members of staff, all local, 4 of whom were former students.  All volunteers get personal development training and are told that ReTweed is not a final destination and are encouraged to continuously move forward.  Training included first aid, health & safety, customer service, business gateway training.  We also held a volunteer development session to sit down and discuss what has worked and what has not worked and how do we improve it.  Most important was the sense of achievement the individual women felt and the impact that this also has on each family and the wider community.  2 volunteers have gone on to set up their own businesses and 5 more are in the process of setting up their own businesses.  ReTweed are providing wrap around support. 


Trading income from the items that are made continues to increase.  £2k in 1st year which raised to £6k in 3rd year.  Profits from trading being channelled into supporting the new businesses being set up.  We have a shop is based in Eyemouth and products also being sold around the area and as cultural exchange gifts.  We also hope to raise the trading income above the funding income.  Constantly evaluating our environmental, social, business objectives.


Business model has been sold to Dumfries & Galloway Council and Langholm Initiative. Highlands and Islands also looking for ReTweed to deliver the model to them.  We are also in talks with Scottish Prison Service and Remade Network and online sales are being developed.  The funding received from BWCF and other local windfarm funds inspires other larger funders to also support.


Thank you for believing in us.

Verbal report received a our AGM in August 2019